PEELING GEL Black Willow Bark
PEELING GEL Black Willow Bark
PEELING GEL Black Willow Bark
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PEELING GEL Black Willow Bark

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Detoxifies, rejuvenates, soothes
cleanses and disinfects the skin in depth.
Against acne and wrinkles. Includes face brush.

Quantity: 100ml. Ingredients: Salicylic acid from willow bark, aloe, soda, tincture of green tobacco, Cistus incanus, hops and Taraxacum, chamomile extract, Tilia platyphyllos, sage, lemongrass, witch hazel, calendula, and Olympus mountain tea (Sideritis). It also contains a large amount of vitamin C and chamomile azulene.

This innovative product works on the skin in multiple ways. Specifically, its emollient herbs soften the dead keratinocytes of the skin, allowing gentle exfoliation using the brush (2 minutes in circular motions). Dead cells accumulate, creating gray spots, wrinkles and clog the skin pores, contributing to infections that lead to purulent pimples. The massage, the disinfection, the antioxidant action and the exfoliation renew and cleanse the skin. At the same time, it causes hyperemia, which promotes the absorption of regenerative-antioxidants (inactivates the free radicals created by food and environmental toxins) of the components from the deeper layers of the skin and stimulates collagen synthesis. Thus, regeneration is achieved from the inside out. Also, thanks to its antiseptic substances, germs and fungi disappear making it an ideal product for problem-acne skin. After rubbing, the skin is likely to have absorbed all of the product. Rinse well for any residue. Your skin is now brighter and hydrated from within. There is no need to use a lotion as the product has a neutral pH. The treatment is completed after applying the regenerating face-neck serum (Serum), the anti-wrinkle cream with cannabis oil and sunscreen (for daytime) or the night cream (if evening).

The action of the ingredients is described in detail below:

Black Willow bark extract
It contains tannins and a natural β-hydroxy acid that is very similar to salicylic acid, commonly used in acne treatments. It is antiseptic, analgesic, astringent, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory. Helps fight acne, wrinkles and fine lines

Works with natural exfoliation, getting rid of dead cells, preventing the pores from clogging, caused by pimples. Removal of dead cells reveals new and soft skin cells, which alleviate and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

The acids from the willow bark extract are effective due to the characteristic of lipid solubility. This means that it works on the outer layers of the skin, which are rich in lipids. The process of exfoliating lipids begins to slow down as we age, allowing the dead cells to remain in place longer. This causes a dull appearance on the skin and intensifies wrinkles. By stimulating the exfoliation of cells in the lipid layers, dull, dead tissues are removed to reveal fresh new cells. This helps prevent stains.

The extract repels and kills bacteria, mold, yeast and other contaminants. This property also makes it beneficial in acne treatment and in pore minimization products. In addition to removing dead cells, the extract can also kill the bacteria that cause pimples in clogged pores.

Smoke plant tincture
Despite the harmful effects of tobacco when burned, the extract from the green leaves of tobacco is antiseptic, expectorant, antitussive, anti-asthmatic, anti-neoplastic, fungicide. Massaging the skin, it treats infectious and burning pimples, lichen planus, chilblain, wart, athlete's foot, impetigo. Even internal use, drinking 7 grams a day dissolved in water twice a day, helps with asthma and COPD (chronic respiratory failure). Eliminates phlegm from the bronchi, the nicotine tar from the lung cells caused by smoking.

Calendula officinalis
Calendula is one of the most well-known and widely used herbs in herbal medicine. Contains resins, sterols, flavonoids, carotenes, triterpenes, volatile oil and lubricants. Calendula is one of the best herbs for treating local skin problems. Use on skin inflammation, infection or physical damage, for any external bleeding, wound, bruise or sprain. It is beneficial for wounds that heal slowly and for skin ulcers. It is an ideal first aid for light burns and scalding.

Humble in appearance, but with a huge range of medicinal properties, chamomile (Matricaria Chamomilla) is one of the most valuable medicinal plants for humans. It contains azulene that helps and soothes irritations and redness of the skin. See more here

Cistus leaves have the highest polyphenol content than any other plant in Europe, with an amazing ability to damage free radicals and high antioxidant activity. More here:

Taraxacum has a number of benefits both for internal and external use. When used externally, it reduces wrinkles and stretch marks, cures chronic dermatitis, helps with eczema, acne and itching. It also fights herpes.

Contains substances with antibiotic and antiseptic action, protecting against skin infections and internal infections.

Ηamamelis Virginiana
Due to its anti-inflammatory action, Ηamamelis oil is widely used to treat pimples (even those caused by childhood diseases) and acne. It can be used for cuts (you will find it as an ingredient in shaving products) and swellings, bruises and abrasions and to treat external hemorrhoids as it has static, hemostatic and analgesic properties. It is said that the styptic properties of Ηamamelis effectively contribute to closing open pores.
Ηamamelis oil is considered ideal for eye products as it is known to alleviate the "bags" under the eyes. The ability of Ηamamelis to improve blood circulation locally makes it suitable to treat varicose veins.
Ηamamelis is suitable for the treatment of swelling and itching caused by insect bites, contact with nettles, dry skin (body and head) and so on. These properties of Ηamamelis make it ideal to treat baby warts.

Sage - Mountain tea
Sage, like mountain tea (Sideritis), thanks to its antioxidants has the ability to neutralize free radicals in the human body caused by various mechanisms and which are responsible for many chronic diseases. It is astringent, recommended for oily skin, as a mask for deep cleansing of the face.

Lemongrass essential oil has strong antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties. It is especially useful for problem skin with acne and open pores, which need deep cleansing.
Use: morning & evening. Not suitable for make-up removal. To remove make-up, use the Cleansing milk, the face soap and after cleansing you can use this Peeling Gel with the brush. Do not expose yourself to direct sunlight after application without sunscreen. Skin looks younger within the first week.

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Ειναι οτι καλυτερο εχω δοκιμασει,Καθαριζει το δερμα και το κανει λαμπερο και φωτεινο.

Δημητρα Ευσταθίου
Πολύ καλό!

Είναι ένα καινοτόμο προϊόν που καθαρίζει και κάνει ήπια απολέπιση! Το πρόσωπο είναι καθαρό και έτοιμο να δεχτεί τα υπόλοιπα προϊόντα. Συνεχίστε την καλή δουλειά!

Ωραία αίσθηση στο δέρμα

Αφήνει μια πολύ ωραία αίσθηση στο πρόσωπο μετά την εφαρμογή του και συνδυάζεται άριστα με την ενυδατική κρέμα.

Δήμητρα Δ.
Αίσθηση φρεσκάδας & καθαριότητας

Το χρησιμοποίησα ως εναλλακτική θεραπεία για την ακμή σε συνδυασμό με την αντιβιοτική κρέμα πρόπολης και βοτάνων και το αποτέλεσμα είναι ορατό απο την πρώτη εβδομάδα ...

Ανταποκρίνεται άριστα στις προδιαγραφές του!

Αν και δεν έχω κάποιο ιδιαίτερο ζήτημα στην επιδερμίδα του προσώπου μου, είναι φυσιολογική, ωστόσο η χρήση του gel μία φορά την εβδομάδα σε συνδυασμό με την βοτανική κρέμα είναι αρκετή για να καθαρίσει, ν' ανανεώσει, ν' αναζωογονήσει την επιδερμίδα μου για μια ολόκληρη σχεδόν εβδομάδα χωρίς μάλιστα να την περιποιούμαι ενδιάμεσα με πρωινή ή βραδινή κρέμα σε καθημερινή βάση!Η επιδερμίδα παραμένει για ημέρες λαμπερή και σφριγηλή! Αναμενόμενη η επιτυχία δεδομένων των ποιοτικά υψηλών προδιαγραφών που θέτει η Mellifora, αλλά ομολογουμένως κάθε φορά εντυπωσιάζομαι, ενθουσιάζομαι και ενισχύεται η αφοσίωσή μου στα προϊόντα της.