Lemon Peel Hand Cream

Lemon Peel Hand Cream

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  • Why Lemon peel?

35ml Hand Cream with lemon peels. Heals chapped hands after interaction with water.

Ingredients: olive oil, honey, propolis, St. John's wort, almond oil, jojoba, vegetable lanolin, beeswax, vegetable glycerin, aloe, allantoin, and a special blend of lemon peels and juice. It does not contain chemicals.

We manufactured a cream from lemon peels for the hands and the body! Along with other nutrients and oils, our product is suitable for healing chapped hands, as well as for protecting them from the harsh effects of winter and cold water. The cream can also be used to disinfect the face, remove useless substances that eliminate skin cells and to treat acne and pimples.

Lemon with its peels! A valuable health aid.
Rich in vitamin C, up to 10 times more than the fruit, lemon peel itself is a super natural medicine!
Much has been written about the beneficial properties of lemon. But we know very little about its skin, which is even richer in beneficial elements. See why:
• boosts the immune system
• cleanses the liver
• contains more than 44 types of flavonoid glycosides that strengthen the capillaries, protects against varicose veins and improves blood circulation
• detoxifies the body from the toxic elements of food and the environment.
• contains salvestrol Q40 and lemonine, substances that fight cancer cells in the body. It can help prvent more than 12 cancers, such as breast, colon and skin cancer
• contains flavonoids that inhibit the growth of cancer cells
• regulates blood pressure perfectly
• it is a natural antidepressant, fights stress and nervous disorders.
• it has great antimicrobial action
• helps with acne and skin cell regeneration.
• it is a very good source of potassium, calcium, fiber and carotene.

From now on, save your lemon peels. Consume them. One way is to put the whole organic lemon in the freezer and greate ut. Use in salads, desserts, food, juices, beverages.

Customer Reviews

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Πολύ καλή ενυδατώνει και μαλακώνει τα χέρια.

Θεαματικά αποτελεσματική!

Αρωματική, απαλή, πολύ ιαματική κρέμα, κατάλληλη και για τα πιο σκασμένα χέρια, ανακουφίζει αμέσως!

Απαλή και επουλωτική

Πάρα πολύ καλή μας έσωσε τα χέρια αλλά και το σύγκαμα μωρού. Τόσο ωραία μυρωδιά και απαλή που θα την έρτωγες με το κουταλάκι.

katia F
Εξαιρετική κρέμα

Ιδανική κρέμα χεριών που προσφέρει βαθιά ενυδάτωση και απορροφάται εύκολα. Ευχάριστο δροσερό και φρέσκο άρωμα λεμονιου!

One of the best hand creams

What a smell! Really just for the smell, a big congrats from me. The cream feels fresh and really helps moisturize the hands.

Easily one of the best products out there.