About Us

The lab of nature on the slopes of Mt. Olympus!

Our mission

Honey, wax, pollen, propolis, bee venom, aromatic and healing herbs, the fruits of the earth are an invaluable and healing treasure. Our mission is to bring this precious power of nature through unique products, effective, rich in natural ingredients, without industrial processing and chemical additives.

Our approach

Harnessing the raw materials of the Greek Land and manufacturing high-quality, unique and effective products by complying with the Best Practices standards. The great Mount Olympus harbors high biodiversity. The Mellifora lab, utilizing our team's scientific knowledge and undertaking the necessary quality controls, makes these unique products available to worldwide markets that value quality right from the feet of Mount Olympus.

We believe that...

Realizing the balance and synergy of the valuable ingredients of natural raw materials graciously provided by nature, we will be able to change our ways about the use of chemicals and industrially processed ingredients in our daily lives. The substances contained in plants act together, never separately and in the right proportion. They never work individually. When isolating them, their action has side effects. Manufacturing products through industrial methods is not as efficient and has side effects compared to the benefits of hundreds of natural ingredients working together for the best.

Our philosophy

We are all aware of the harmful side effects of chemical additives and preservatives that are inevitably added to industrial commercial products to improve texture, color and increase shelf life. Our principle is to leverage the active properties of herbs that will contribute to preserving our products without the use of chemical preservatives for a reasonable period of time until their consumption. We believe that the cost of the short expiration date is offset by the high quality Mellifora products for those seeking only the pure and the natural.