How to boost your immune system

Every autumn and every winter, there are many viruses circulating and threatening our health. No matter what methods we adopt for immediate protection, prevention in the form of healthy eating and strengthening our immune system must play a major role. Among the main prevention tools is the use of herbal supplements and propolis.

The number of illnesses that propolis and other bee products can treat is so great that a whole new science called Apitherapy has recently been developed.

Mellifora Propolis

We collect propolis from our beehives that are located at the feet of Mount Olympus. The location helps us to make the most of the great biodiversity of this area, probably the richest biodiversity worldwide. Flora rich in herbs of unique value since they are growing for millions of year in this blessed land. Far away from environmental pollutions, pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals, bees collect propolis whose color differs from month to month and season to season.

Using this pure aromatic propolis we create tinctures and extracts in oils putting into practice our scientific knowledge and methods to avoid alterating its therapeutic properties. We also offer propolis in a spray, thick tincture or in preparations like cosmetics, soaps and our therapeutic products.

Below you will find some of our products:

Propolis Tincture Thick

Propolis Tincture Thin

Propolis Ointment

Propolis Nasal & Herb Spray

Propolis & Herb Soap for Face

Antiflu Solution

All Mellifora propolis preparations, except for the help they offer in treating viruses, play an important role in strengthening the immune system. In this article you will find instructions on how to use these therapies throughout the winter:

The main Mellifora tool against influenza is Antiflu Solution which, apart from the propolis thin tincture, also contains a number of herbal extracts that have an effect on our respiratory system and strengthen the body's immune system. Viral infections mainly enter the human body through the mucous membranes of the nose and mouth. This is why the first symptoms develop in the nose and throat. The Antiflu Solution in combination with Propolis nasal spray & Herbs treats viruses as soon as the viral agents enter the body. Thus, when using these two solutions daily, we ensure a strong protective shield that does not allow virulence agents to settle and grow. Prevention is always better than cure. But if we neglect the use of the products and the virus develops, as soon as we feel the first symptoms go down the throat, we use the Propolis tincture thick with frequent sprays in the oral cavity. For young children who find it difficult to tolerate the taste of dense propolis, we use Propolis tincture-thin with sprays with the special long spray included in the package.

The preparations are natural and suitable for long-term use, two or three times a day.

Testimonials from many of our customers after careful use of these preparations were very positive.

In any case we recommend taking medical advice, especially if our health condition worsens.