How I use Mellifora facial care products

In which order; When; How; Which products? Questions we often face in front of a multitude of cosmetics! What you should know:

The correct order of applying cosmetics to the face is very important to maximize the action of the active ingredients.

General rule:

After cleansing the face, always start the application from the thinnest compositions to the thickest.

However, when you know how each product works, you will be able to properly modify the sequence or skip or alternate with another product. Therefore, it is good to read the product descriptions and apply them in the correct order.

  Let's see an example of use for Mellifora products

You come back tired from the toxic environment of the street, work or the market. The skin is tired from stress, exhaust gases, sun rays, temperature changes.

Back home...cleansing and toning:

Use the Face & Eye Cleansing Milk for cleaning the eyes and removing make up from the face. Then you wet the skin and with light circular movements you transfer the mild therapeutic Face Soap with fingers, creating a gentle lather. You rinse with water. You gently wipe the skin that is now ready to receive the Face & Eye Toning Lotion : Wet a tampon with a small amount of the lotion and apply to the face and décollté with soft movements, cooling, nourishing and toning the skin with the precious ingredients.

Restoring - moisturizing - nourishing:

If you already have in your collection the Anti-Wrinkle Eye & Facial Cream now is the time to use it. It has so much power to restore the skin to its youthful state, with the action of precious ingredients. Each adds its own action to reconstruct, regenerate and tighten the skin. A soft and velvety effect will be visible throughout the day. Alternatively, the same cream can be used in place of the herbal night cream mentioned below.

Therapy during sleep:

In the evening, before you sleep, you prepare the skin for a moisturizing treatment that will last throughout your rest. If the cleansing and toning process has not been done before, now is the time to do it (see above).


Two or three times a week exfoliate and rebuild skin cells. The PEELING GEL Black Willow Bark with a brush is ideal for this purpose. You spread the gel on the skin and do a light massage with the face brush. You leave it as a mask on your face for a while. You rinse the skin with a little water, although it is not necessary to rinse it.


You continue with Eye Serum Roll-on which will rest the area around the eyes and eyelids. Gently spread on the rest of your face the Face Serum for deep hydration. While the skin is still wet from the serum, apply by lightly massaging the Herbal Remedy Cream . Now the skin is ready for rest throughout the night. The precious ingredients of the deeply penetrated serum and slow-absorbing cream renew, nourish and heal cells at all levels. For mature skins in which the thirst for hydration is greater, it can be added as the last step in the care, the Intense moisturizing oil for mature skin 30ml on the face and décollté. Its active oils and the vitamins it contains combine perfectly with the previous ingredients of the moisturizers already added and will complete their work. 

Starting the day: moisturizing and sun protection.

In the morning, begins the preparation for going out into the light and the environment,

factors that cause premature aging of the skin. Now we will need the antiaging protection. Starting again from cleaning with the Face Soap, we proceed to moisturizing with sunscreen preparations: first we spread the Anti-aging Day Serum with its sunscreen filters and antioxidant ingredients, which with its fine-flowing texture penetrates deeply, we proceed to Day Facial Cream which hydrates but at the same time protects from the sun's rays with its sun blocking filters.

Eyebrows and eyelashes -make up

Treat your eyelashes and eyebrows with the eyelash & eyebrow Serum to nourish the roots of the eyelashes, strengthen them and obtain an intense feminine look. After the creams, you can apply the makeup of your choice. If the sun is too strong, you can repeat the hydration in between the day with the Sunblocking Emulsion which you apply to all bare limbs exposed to the sun.