Gift selection guide

What gift should I give?

Here are gift suggestions or otherwise, how to pleasantly surprise her/him by choosing a caring gift with aesthetics and quality:

  1. Go to her
  2. Choose a category, such as: face care, body care or therapeutic products.
  3. Choose a combination of care products
  4. Put the products in a beautiful gift box, like the fabric pouch with its logo Mellifora which you can order separately.

Here are some indicative suggestions to help you choose:

Proposition 1

A proposal for facial care!

In this gift proposal, you combine facial cleansing with disinfectant propolis soap which does not dehydrate the skin but prepares it properly to receive the preciousanti-wrinkle eye and face cream with Indian hemp. This cream is intended for all skin types, from the youngest to the most mature. No matter how young the skin is, it needs the rich combination of oils and vitamins of this highly effective cream to maintain its youthful structure and elasticity for many, many years. You will find it in the small 15 ml package as in the photo but also in the 30 ml package which will cost 14 euros more. This gift is completed witheyebrow and eyelash serum without color, which nourishes, strengthens and lengthens the eyelashes and eyebrows emphasizing the radiance of the look and the beauty of the face. Finally, you choose itpouch with the Mellifora logo to offer the gift. The whole thing costs 35.20. 

Proposition 2

A winter suggestion for chapped hands and lips:

Winter is very aggressive especially for some skin types. The hands and lips often open and a feeling of pain and dryness predominate. The products we recommend in this set are simply not suitable. They are VERY effective. You will receive thanks and gratitude from the person you offer them to, whether male or female. THEhand cream it is based on the healing properties of vegetable lanolin and lemon peel while it is enriched with vitamins and oils that nourish, moisturize and heal the wounded skin. Read the reviews for this healing cream as well as theLip Balm with the wonderful aroma and taste. A financial gift not exceeding 21..

3rd gift proposal

Complete basic facial care set

The care of the skin of the face begins with its good cleaning with the disinfectantpropolis soap to remove make-up residues and oxidizing substances of the urban environment. Followed by the moisturizerday serum which, due to its fluidity, penetrates deep into the skin, transporting the vitamins, nourishing oils and moisture, while we then apply theday cream which, with its anti-sun anti-aging filters, protects against solar radiation, keeping the skin hydrated and elastic. The eyelids and soft parts under the eyes are rested and protected by applying the roll on specialisteye serum with sea buckthorn and vitamins. The basic facial care set is a complete gift offered in a cloth bag with the Mellifora logo at the price of 42.30€

4th gift proposal

Facial skin cleansing and relaxation set

After our return from outside, we first rest our skin withmakeup remover emulsion of honey and chamomile, wash with the disinfectantpropolis soap and we rest with the unique feeling of relaxation and freshness by spreading ittonic lotion from a special mixture of honey and chamomile fermentation. The next day, before we start our daily care routine and while our skin has rested, we offer a revitalizing peeling with a face brush scrub with the powerfulBlack Willow Bark Gel containing salicylic acid, vitamin C and a range of detoxifying and reconstructive ingredients. In fact, this set is offered at a discount price of 7 lessο , from 41.60 at 34.60€  along with the pouch (find itcorresponding set on offer products whose price is without the pouch 32.00)..

Proposal 5th Gift for the man

Hygiene set for men

THEShaving lotion, essential for every man who shaves, gives a feeling of freshness and hydration after shaving while simultaneously moisturizing and disinfecting the irritated skin. Thedeodorant it has a light and pleasant fragrance, is easy to apply and its powerful effect lasts all day. Putting inpouch with the Mellifora logo andherbal toothpaste with propolis, you complete the composition of a pleasantly useful gift for men's health care. Alternatively, instead of toothpaste you can add onebeer shampoo thepeony.

6th gift proposal

Precious extra moisturizing oils
for mature skins that thirst for extra hydration

When moisturizers aren't enough: Theanti-wrinkle oil for face - décolletage with Indian hemp oil, Damask rose and other special moisturizing oils and vitamins, it is essential for the routine of mature skins that require extra hydration during the day. TheDry oil, is a light and fast-absorbing blend of oils used to seal moisture into your skin or hair to increase the intensity and duration of hydration. It is used as the last step in facial skin care (on top of the cream) or on the body after bathing or on still damp hair as a mask.Packed with antioxidants that help prevent free radicals, manage oxidative stress and protect skin and hair from UV rays and pollution.

Alternative gift proposal!

Mellifora gift card

Alternatively, you can buy a digital onegift card Mellifora (comes directly to your email) of 10, 20, 30 or 50 and offer it with your own message to the loved one. You thus allow him to choose the products he prefers from the Mellifora eshop by himself using the balance of the gift card you offered him.ατε.