A few words about our products - Reviews

...Overall, we are amazed at your products.

Congratulations. Large industries that target a wider audience offer much less effectiveness or sometimes nothing at all, apart from the texture and the branding of their products.

There are also innovative companies offering expensive cosmetics targeting anti-aging. Sometimes, though, not in a gentle way and without combining the therapeutic properties found in your products.

The packaging is also worth mentioning. It's not easy to find cream glass jars nowadays. And overall, the packaging looks neat, sophisticated. It's a pleasure to use and see it on your shelf.

A few words on the products:

Facial Cream

My mother used it some time ago and realized the therapeutic properties on her mouth angles. She is currently using ointment and the problem areas suffering for many years are now restored.


Apart from my mother, my husband is also satisfied with the product as it helped him with two different skin problems. He continues using it.

Therapeutic Massage Oil

Amazing, easy to apply, always a pleasure to use. I suffer from neck pain because of my job and I don't enjoy warming muscle creams. The product has already helped but I would use it even if I was not experiencing any problems.

Serum + Day Serum

I use the eye serum and then the face serum. As soon as it absorbs, I apply the day cleansing milk.

This combination works for me. I feel very good with my face (sense of comfort).

Also the day cleansing milk offers a matte look and a slightly brighter color (I think so).

I keep the serums in the fridge to sustain them and keep them cool. I hope I am doing the right thing.

I also realized that the eye serum does not cause any discomfort (I sometimes experience discomfort from eye creams as my eyes are sensitive). It also feels like it smoothes the eyes instantly.

The face serum I think has already started to relax my skin and make it more resistant (especially on the forehead area where I suffer from mild rosacea acne).

Body Cream

I like both the scent and the firming sensation it offers. I also like the fact that at the same time it works together to combat other skin problems in the body as it softens the skin where it's hard, it offers a sense of wellness and it's not oily.

Hair Lotion

I hear very positive reviews from two people who have used it. I also use it before washing my hair (I cannot apply it daily as it makes my thin hair oily). Every time I wash my hair, it looks nourished and healthier. A friend of mine is using it and she is very happy with the product. It feels like the hair is "asking for more"...

Lip Balm

A fine product. It relieves the lips and "stays" without making the skin oily like other products. It feels nice when applied, its scent and even the taste...


As I said before, my reviews are positive. The smaller one though doesn't last long at all. Maybe you could suggest/give a small rack where we can place it so it doesn't melt so quickly? People ask me where they should place it so it doesn't melt.

I have yearlong experience in using cosmetics. Sometimes it feels like my skin itself shows me whether it needs something or not and I respect that. I do not use cosmetics just for the sake of using them. I also know very well that each person's skin is different with different needs. The fact that I like your products in a market full of cosmetics is a positive sign for the future...