Mellifora supports research in collaboration with Scientific and Healthcare Institutions

Research paper "Aromatic & Medicinal Plants protect our health and sustain our cosmetics".

Mellifora aims to manufacture cosmetics free of chemicals and other harmful substances, rich in natural and other elements that offer health and wellness free of side effects. We take pride in crafting pure, natural, herbal cosmetics free of chemicals with love and care. The short "best before" indication on the package testifies to the natural ingredients used in crafting them. We are currently diving into deeper research to examine the antimicrobial activity of ingredients we isolate from the aromatic plants of the wider Olympus area.

The research focuses on two things. First, we research the effectiveness of ingredients on combating the skin microflora that cause skin acne and also the effectiveness on combating bacteria and fungi inside the cosmetic to preserve them longer.

The studies have already yielded encouraging results. The results will be first presented in the 15th Panhellenic Scientific Conference of the Hellenic Botanical Society taking place from the 14th to the 17th September 2017 in Crete. The research on the antimicrobial activity of the Mellifora natural cosmetics is undertaken by Dr. Mamoucha S. and Dr. Prombona A. (National Center for Scientific Research "DEMOKRITOS") and Mr. Liapis V., Deputy Director of the Army Equity Fund Hospital (NIMTS). Part of the experiments will take place on the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Athens.