Product Reviews

...The Day Serum is a good product. It feels light when applied on the face and doesn't require a large quantity.

The Lip Balm is also a good product and offers a nice sensation.

The Face Care Soap is a fine product and it can also be used to remove make-up.

The shampoo is a very fine product, volumizing and strengthens hair. It's almost like I'm using a natural green soap but much better. My hair, however, gets greasy quite fast, at least my own long hair. Short hair don't get greasy so fast and I think it's better for short and less hair, as it felt somewhat heavy on my hair. But if you use it in between washing the hair with other shampoos, it helps the hair. Another advantage is that it requires a very small quantity to wash and foams up compared to other natural products. This shampoo is by far the best natural shampoo I have ever tried and my boyfriend, who has short hair, is very satisfied with it. I can't tell yet if it helps with the dry skin. Thank you for the timely delivery and we'll talk in our next order.