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Enhanced formulations with groups of healing nutrients at high levels

Without Chemical Additions

Mellifora's goal is to keep the purity of ingredients without chemical additions.


They cure chronic skin problems from the first application in a surprising way


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set antigripikoX2
Αντιγριπικό Σετ 5 προϊόντων για δώρο σε πουγκάκι
Βάμμα Πρόπολης Πυκνό 10ml EXTRA + Αντιγριπικό διάλυμα πρόπολης ...
33,00 €
Hand cream with lemon peel 35ml
It heals the skin of the hands with the action of lemon peel.
6,00 €
Therapeutic oil rubs for colds 10 ml
Oils for relief of colds. Chest rubbers.
7,00 €
Antiflu Solution of propolis-echinacea-herbs 30 ml
Cures - Strengthens the immune system
10,00 €
Σετ με 5 βάλσαμα για δώρο σε πουγκάκι
Κρέμα Βοτανική 35ml + Κεραλοιφή Αμαμελίδας 35ml + Κεραλοιφή Άρνικας ...
32,00 €
Soap with Tar, for eczema. Face & Body
With pine tar. Disinfectant, deodorant, antifungal, cosmetic. ...
4,00 €
Antiflu Solution of propolis-echinacea-herbs with oral spayer 30 ml
Includes Oral Sprayer. Antiflu Solution of propolis-echinacea-herbs.. ...
11,50 €
Σετ μπάνιου με 5 πολύτιμα προϊόντα
Χειροποίητο Φυτικό Σαπούνι σε πλάκα + Λοσιόν Περιποίησης Μαλλιών με ...
30,00 €
Gel soap for sensitive areas 100ml
Antiseptic concentrated gel soap for sensitive areas of the body
9,00 €
Herbal Toothpaste 50ml
Cleaning and therapeutic with herbs & propolis
5,80 €
σαμποο παιώνι katrami
Tar & Peony Herbal Shampoo 200ml
Fights irritation of the scalp, itching and dandruff.
10,00 €
EXTRA GEL black Willow bark 100ml
It detoxifies, revitalizes, soothes cleans and disinfects the skin ...
12,00 €

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