The Vision of Mellifora

Having as guiding principle the production of quality handmade natural products, Mellifora is active in research, processing and exploiting our land’s raw materials. Another goal of Mellifora is to educate young people and motivate them to utilize opportunities for cultivation of specialty crops in our region, while implementing new ways of processing the primary production of our country.

The aim is to help young people stay in our country despite the crisis and strengthen its development by utilizing the treasures of the Greek land.
We investigate and develop methods of producing and exploiting quality natural products such as honey, wax, pollen, propolis, bee venom, aromatic and medicinal herbs. We investigate and develop methods of using these products unaltered, dried or processed into natural cosmetics, which are pure, effective, therapeutic and filled with nature’s essences.

We believe that by making good use of the Greek soil, the primary and secondary production on the basis of good practices and proper management as well as the export of quality products to appropriate markets will support our country in these difficult times and will provide hope for the future.
The people of Mellifora know that nature, hidden in the ingredients of the plants, is the key of health, wellness, healing and rejuvenation. The biodiversity of our region is unique admirable worldwide. We believe that if we realize the astonishing balance and synergy of the valuable ingredients that nature generously offers us, we will be able to change the way we think about the use of chemicals and industrially processed products in our everyday lives.

The substances contained in plants act cooperatively, never isolated, and in the right proportion. When isolated, the substances may also have side effects in addition to any beneficial effects. The composition of substances through technology is neither as effective nor as safe as that of a natural plant extract.
We are also aware of the side effects that chemical additives and preservatives are necessarily adding to all industrial products in order to increase their shelf life. Our principle is to exploit the drastic qualities of herbs that will help preserve our formulations for a reasonable amount of time until they are consumed without the use of chemical preservatives. We believe that the cost of having a relatively short expiration date is counterbalanced by the quality that Mellifora's products offer to those who seek and trust truly natural products.

This is how, the non-profit company "Mellifora" was created by friends who share our vision and selflessly support our work, either with their ideas and their feedback or with their active co-operation.

We hope that you also share and support our goals by participating in our joint effort with your ideas, advice and partnerships, or simply by enjoying the quality of the products that we so lovingly prepare.

Our Team

Collaboration brings amazing results, much more than the cumulative effect of each one’s individual work.
GregoryFounder &