The Beginning. The lab of nature on the slopes of Olympus

  1. Litochoro. Our love for bees

Our love for the bees and the great interest we have in the life of this wonderful insect was the driving force that led us to nature’s paths, the collection of aromatic treasures and consequently the creation of natural products using them.

“I didn’t come across bees in the countryside, among flowers, a spring day in a blooming garden. No. I came across them in the pages of a beekeeping book, when I was a student in a library. “Practical Beekeeping” by Vl. Dermatopoulou.Even though I was a city boy, flipping through the book was enough to light a spark in me. Reading this well-written book opened a door in my life. Year by year the bees became part of me. I met and loved not only this beautiful insect and its wonderful existence, but I approached with love the whole nature, the sun, the mountains, the crops, the flowers, the colors, the clouds, the rain and I felt not only the beauty of the world, but also the affinity that connects me to every leaf, every rock, every soul of this earth. It is a cosmogenic feeling when, lying under the branch of a pine tree, you feel the pine needles tilting over you and talking to you ... "(from the notes of Grigoris Kalοmiros)

We started creating cosmetics and balms on the slopes of Olympus with our family ... Homemade recipes, a lot of research, experiments, testing, and success! The formulations we created were first loved by our own people; the recipes were corrected, enriched, and little by little spread in a wider circle. It is a family business, which started in Litochoro in 2012, in the midst of beehives, flowers and scents.

The old recipes of our grandparents, contemporary information and techniques, the science of chemistry, our love for research and your own acclaim and love resulted in the creation of Mellifora’s quality cosmetics. Originally under the name “Μέλισσα & Απόσταγμα” ("Bee & Extract"), the lab of nature on the slopes of Olympus distributed the caress of nature with each drop. Propolis and honey were combined with the herb extracts and aromatic plants. The aim was to keep our products pure without adding a single drop of industrial chemical additives or synthetic chemical preservatives. It took many months of research and testing to find the right and effective ratio of propolis and essential oils that would preserve the formulations for a few months until they are used up.

“Μέλισσα & Απόσταγμα” (“Bee & Extract”), after a successful two-year time period, gained an international identity. It turned into “Mellifora”. It now has a different brand name, logo and colors to be intelligible also by those who have loved and used the products overseas.

Mellifora! The name that brings to mind the honey and the admirable, loved insect that bears the honey: the bee. Apis Mellifera. It brings to mind the flowers, herbs and the scents of nature. Now it will also bring to mind the precious natural handmade cosmetics and formulations that conceal in their interior the secrets of the beehive and the herbs’ healing power!

On 21 January 2015 a "civil non-profit company” was founded. Friends who embraced our effort from the very beginning and shared our vision wanted to support us by offering their help and ideas. Since then, Mellifora is evolving in accordance with its vision.

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